The phenomenal increase in vehicles in the past decades has lead to massive traffic congestion particularly in metros, with frequent traffic jams resulting in loss of precious time on roads. The traffic jams not only causes considerable delays but also are very stressful.

 Helicopter being a very versatile machine is ideally suited to beat the traffic jams and can reach you to your destination within minutes which otherwise would have taken couple of hours due to traffic on the roads. Business man cannot afford to waste time on roads and need the services of helicopter to reach their destination fastest.

Helipads are needed for helicopter landing at the location of business houses.  Generally, roof top helipads are ideal for business towers located within the metros. In roof top helipads, the final approach and take off area and Touchdown and lift off areas are generally coincidental. A Safety area which may not be solid is provided around the helipad. Lighting arrangements, Fire fighting, air traffic control hut, Wind sock, security and approach to the helipad are carefully planned for roof top helipads.