Helipad Design Criteria

¬†Helipad design criteria are mainly dictated by regulatory requirements and owners preferences within the regulator guidelines. The most important design criteria are based on the availability of space, proximity of the obstructionsRead More…


Helipad Design Guidelines in India

Helipad design guidelines in India are based on ¬†Annex 14 of ICAO. CIVIL AVIATION REQUIREMENTS SECTION-4, AERODROME STANDARDS AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES SERIES ‘B’, PART III ,28th AUGUST, 2006 provides detailed guidelines aboutRead More…


Business Helipads Construction

The phenomenal increase in vehicles in the past decades has lead to massive traffic congestion particularly in metros, with frequent traffic jams resulting in loss of precious time on roads. The trafficRead More…


Hospital Helipads

The availability of the helipads in the hospitals or in the close vicinity of the hospitals is a life saving asset. If a patient can be reached to the hospital within theRead More…


Helipad Planning Design & Construction

Planning the construction of helipad is the most important aspect of Helipad development process. While planning a helipad, various aspects need to be considered like:- Purpose for which the helipad is required.Read More…