In the metros where land is a scarce resource, it is best to construct helipads on top of roof of the buildings or on elevated platforms. If a helipad is conceived at the planning stage of the building then it becomes easier to give the required structural strength  to bear the weight of the helicopter. All the allied facilities like air traffic control hut, integral fire fighting, lighting, wind sock and  approach to helipad can be easily incorporated in the design of the building and helipad. However, retro construction of helipad  can  also be done if adequate space is available on top of the building  or permission can be obtained to extend the helipad outside the roof of the  building with the helipad jutting out of the roof.Construction of such helipads is a complex job and irs best done by specialist. BNN Aviation has access to the top helipad construction company’s to meet the requirement of the customers.