The availability of the helipads in the hospitals or in the close vicinity of the hospitals is a life saving asset. If a patient can be reached to the hospital within the golden hour, his life can be saved. Hopefully, all the progressive hospitals in the country will have the provision of helipads in its complex.

  The planning, design, construction and marking of Hospital helipads is similar to the surface helipads with a little difference. The major problem likely to be faced is the availability of land for the construction of helipads, obstruction free clearways and safety areas.

 Ideally, a hospital should construct helipads on the roof top. The regulatory requirement of roof top helipads is somewhat different from the ground based helipads. The constructions of helipads on the rooftop are a complex process and require the involvement of specialist in the field.

 Roof top helipads can be of concrete or aluminum. Aluminum has been proved to be the most suitable for the construction of roof top helipads if the construction is being made after the building is complete and the helipad construction is an afterthought.