Third party audits are considered very essential to promote safety and efficiency of flying and maintenance operations. BNN aviation will help operators in getting third party audits done by highly qualified and experienced auditors as per the ICAO stipulations on the subject. to the entire satisfaction of the customers.

BNN Aviation has the services of highly qualified,experienced and professionally sound auditors both for onshore and offshore locations on its panel of specialist auditors. The audits are undertaken to help the auditee in running his organisation in safe and efficient manner as per the rules,regulations existing on the subject of Aviation.

Broadly speaking in the aviation industry, audits are an integral part of any Safety Management System (SMS). A Audits, within this industry, are most often used to help benchmark an organisation and to help management gain a clear view and evaluate where the organization currently sits against its own systems, procedures and management plans. An audit needs to be viewed as an opportunity to confirm that an organisation is doing what it says it is doing according to its procedures or other documented policies. An audit is not a way of ‘catching an organisation out’ or to see what an organisation might be doing wrong. It is a positive experience that only adds to any organisation, its workings and to help it move forward. An audit is a positive undertaking and can ensure compliance with internal and or external procedures, and therefore ensuring that an organisation is on par with itself. A stitch in time saves nine and that is the aim of A the third party audits.

What is safety audit?

Purpose of Safety audits
Frequency of Audits
Types of Audits
Audit of the Operations and Maintenance Facilities of the Operators
Audit Requirements Helipads, Elevated Helidecks and Offshore Helidecks
Helicopter and Helideck Operations Auditing
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